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- Professional protection with VIPROTECT

In the sensitive area of transporting valuables, every moment and every measure counts. VIPROTECT offers reliable and secure transport of your valuable goods and documents in Vienna and beyond. Our comprehensive valuables transport service ensures that your valuables are transported under the strictest security and with the utmost care.

Confidentiality and professionalism

Our team of security experts will ensure that your property is protected throughout the entire transport process. Whether it's financial assets, important documents, artwork or other valuables, we offer a customised service. Our transport vehicles are equipped with the latest security technology and our staff are specially trained to take the right security measures in every situation.

Risk assessment and planning

Every transport of valuables begins with a detailed risk assessment and precise planning. We analyse the best route and create a schedule that offers minimal risk and meets your exact requirements. Our planning takes all eventualities into account to guarantee a safe and on-time delivery.

Comprehensive protection at every step

VIPROTECT takes security seriously. Our aim is to ensure the integrity of your property through continuous monitoring and preventative protective measures. Our vehicles are not only physically secure, but also protected against electronic threats. In addition, we offer escort services and security advice to further enhance the security of your valuables transport.

Commitment to your safety

At VIPROTECT, we understand that the transport of valuable goods requires trust. We fulfil this trust with the highest level of commitment and transparency. Choose VIPROTECT for your valuables transport - where security meets service.


Frequently asked questions about our cash-in-transit services

We transport financial resources, important documents, precious metals, works of art and other valuable objects.
Very safe. Our vehicles are highly secured and our staff are specialised in protective measures and risk management.
Yes, every shipment is precisely analysed and planned in advance in order to minimise risks.
Yes, we offer tracking options so that you can always keep an eye on the status of your valuable goods transport.
Please contact us to discuss options for international transport.
The value is determined on the basis of the information provided by the client and any additional valuations.
Yes, we ensure discretion and can deploy inconspicuous vehicles on request.
We have contingency plans in place to respond quickly and effectively to all scenarios.
Through trained personnel, secured vehicles and continuous monitoring.
Contact us directly for advice and to book your transport.


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