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Construction sites are dynamic places where safety is paramount. VIPROTECT offers comprehensive security solutions for construction sites in Vienna to protect your facilities, equipment and employees. Our specialised security services ensure that your construction projects can progress undisturbed by external risks or disruptions.

Why is construction site security necessary?

A construction site is full of valuable machinery and materials and is also a workplace. Unprotected, it can easily become the target of theft, vandalism or other security-related incidents. VIPROTECT uses targeted measures to prevent such activities and guarantee a safe workflow.

Customised protection for construction sites

Every construction site is unique and requires a specific security approach. VIPROTECT creates customised security plans that are tailored to the specifics of your construction site. From the installation of surveillance technology to patrols by security personnel - we ensure seamless surveillance around the clock.

Highly qualified security personnel

Unsere Sicherheitsmitarbeiter sind speziell für die Anforderungen der Baustellenbewachung ausgebildet. Sie verstehen die Bauprozesse und können sich nahtlos in Ihre Betriebsabläufe integrieren. Mit ihrem geschulten Auge für Sicherheitsrisiken und ihrem proaktiven Handeln sind sie das Rückgrat unseres Sicherheitsversprechens.

Technology and people in harmony

VIPROTECT utilises state-of-the-art technologies for efficient construction site surveillance. Cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems are just some of the tools our security experts use to ensure comprehensive monitoring.

Your construction project in safe hands

Rely on VIPROTECT's years of experience to make your construction site safe. We not only offer protection against external threats, but also ensure that all safety regulations are adhered to in order to avoid accidents and delays in the construction process.

Contact us for construction site security

Secure your construction site with VIPROTECT - the partner Vienna trusts. Contact us today for a personal consultation and find out more about our specialised security solutions.


Frequently asked questions about our construction site security services

Our construction site security services include site surveillance, access control, patrols, security technology and emergency interventions.
Yes, VIPROTECT offers 24/7 construction site surveillance to guarantee continuous protection.
We use surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems for comprehensive security.
Our employees receive specialised training in construction site safety, including risk management and first aid.
We endeavour to respond flexibly to customer requests and offer security solutions at short notice.
Yes, we analyse the specific risks of each construction site and adapt our safety measures accordingly.
We maintain constant contact with the construction site personnel and offer clear communication channels.
Our employees are experienced in dealing professionally with visitors and enforcing access guidelines.
Our security plans are highly customisable to meet the customer's needs and requirements.
Contact us via our website, email or phone to discuss your security requirements and book site security.


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